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Australia bans selected affilaites

Australia bans 8 gambling affilate sites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority  (AMCA) today moved to block affiliate websites that fell foul of their code. The AMCA has been hot on cleaning up the Australian gambling market and with this move, they have sown that they mean business! They have ordered Australian ISL to block 7 websites initially and we would expect to see more being block over the coming months. This will also move businesses who are operating outside the correct guidelines to clean up their sites to bring them in line with the requirements.

Here at bettingapps we follow all these requirements and operate in a fully compliant manner in all countries we operate in. You can see our guide to legal betting apps in Australia here.

Sites banned in Australia

  • Aussie Casino Hex
  • Australia OK Casinos
  • Aussie Online Pokies
  • Pokies
  • Australian Casino Club
  • Australian Gambling
  • True Blue Casinos

There is a focus on casino sites. In general, casino sites are in the more grey area of gambling affiliates and often are built to quickly rank and gain customers in what are known as “churn and burn sites”. These are quickly replicated to new sites when the rankings drop and the approach are repeated over and over again. The more reputable sites are long-lasting and have a track record of performance.

These sites were picked up by the AMCA for promoting links to offshore (illegal) gambling sites and taking revenue share for doing so. These sites are outside of Australis tax rules and jurisdiction for player protection. This is an important move for the market and sets an example of how a gambling affiliate market can be run in a way that protects operators and players at the same time. This is something we would like to see more of in the future and in other countries too.

AMCA authority member Fiona Cameron said

“These marketing sites can push you to illegal gambling services that do not have the protections that go with licensed and regulated services, We often get complaints from consumers that winnings are not honoured and that incentives and pressure tactics target problem gamblers.”

It is clear that the AMCA will continue to monitor sites in this market.

Head of international business at said

“It is great to see a country taking Internation compliance seriously for affiliates. It has been a long time coming. This is a step in the right direction for protecting Australian gamblers”