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Canada’s Responsible Gambling Council and Playtech Come Together

Playtech has joined hands with Canadian NGO the Responsible Gambling Council to help gamblers have a safer experience.

According to a statement issued by Playtech, it intends to support the Council in its endeavours to ensure Canadian gamblers have fun while gambling online or offline.

The organization aims to examine the link between gambling, mental health, and digital wellbeing by “using a combination of thought leadership, research, and evaluation of initiatives”.

Playtech is committed “to safer gambling” and this partnership is a part of a wider plan to grow and become even a bigger player in the industry.

“The relationship with RGC forms part of Playtech’s efforts to partner with global leaders on research, education and technology initiatives as part of its sustainability and responsible business strategy, Sustainable Success,” said the official statement.

The company hopes that this partnership will help push responsible gaming standards in the right direction.

“Playtech is an industry leader and we look forward to working together to influence positive change and advance responsible gambling standards,”  said Robinson, Responsible Gambling Council’s director.

He further highlighted the need to concentrate on mental health:

“The impact of the digital world on mental health is a growing concern for many but one which is currently not particularly well understood. We believe adopting digital resilience and safer gambling behaviours will be an important part of protecting mental health.”

More About the Partnership

The Responsible Gaming Council offers a variety of services including consultancy and advisory programs. Last week, the organization was in the news for expanding its Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust program to help addicts get over their addiction.

Claire Milne, Playtech interim chairman, who took the seat in April after the previous chairman, Alan Jackson, decided to not fight the election, said this new collaboration would be great for Playtech as it would allow the company to use its technology, expertise, and data in the right manner.

Here’s what he said on the partnership:

“The Responsible Gambling Council is a leader in research and best practice standards that drive the gambling sector to build a more sustainable and safe industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

The company has developed a strategy called the Sustainable Success strategy with plans to develop new and meaningful partnerships to help the agenda.

“This collaboration will aid us in fulfilling our duty and commitment to use our expertise, experience and technology to promote an industry which provides both an entertaining and safe environment that supports digital and mental wellbeing and resilience,” he added.

In Canada there are a number of apps that use the Playtech software, theses include the Canadian based Sports Interaction app as well as numerous European apps that are available.

Mental Health and Gambling

Many studies have found connections between mental health and gambling.

We know that gambling is an addictive activity, which is why it is important to be in control of when and how much you bet.

Gamblers, especially addicts, are known to have mental issues including depression and anxiety. They’re also often unable to have strong relationships, which can further push them into depression.

Organizations such as the Responsible Gambling Council are working to educate people about the side effects of gambling and why it is important to be responsible.

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