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Latest F1 betting trends

With 7 races to go in this seasons shortened F1, we take a look at the latest betting odds and trends from the grid. The past weekend looked on paper like a stroll in the park for Hamilton around Monza but a costly mistake took the win and even a podium finish off him.

Hamilton is sitting 47 points above teammate Valtteri Bottas and 54 points ahead of Red Bulls Max Verstappen. The title looks like it is Hamiltons to lose. Before we look over the betting trends here are the current standings for drivers and teams.

Drivers standings

  1. Hamilton 164
  2. Bottas 117
  3. Verstappen 110
  4. Stroll 57
  5. Norris 57
  6. Albon 48
  7. Leclerc 45
  8. Gasly 43
  9. Sainz 41
  10. Riccardo 41

Constructors standings

  1. Mercedes 281
  2. Red Bull Racing Honda 158
  3. Mclaren Renault 98
  4. Racing Point BWT Mercedes 82
  5. Renault 71
  6. Ferrari 61
  7. Alphatauri Honda 47
  8. Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari 1
  9. Haas Ferrari 1
  10. Williams Mercedes 0

Now we will look at the betting trends this season so far.

Drivers championship trends

Open any betting app and you will find Lewis Hamilton at very short odds to win. He’s trading as low as 1.08 on the Exchanges with the closest rival, Bottas, at around 30s. As far as everyone is concerned this title is over and down with, but how did Hamilton’s odds change over the season to this point.

Before this season started Hamilton was generally trading in the 1.95 – 2.26 range. There was some bouncing around. This is mainly driven by news coming out from testing as the speed data came in. It was clear from the times that no one really had the speed to make a significant challenge although Red Bull did look the most likely.

As soon as the first race Hamilton was still trading in the 1.6-1.9 range despite finishing 4th. With Bottas winning it was clear that Mercedes were again the team to beat this season. The only question may have been will Bottas beat Hamilton, but that was always unlikely.

Here is how the odds have changed on Lewis Hamilton winning the title in the 2020 F1 season –

Lewis Hamilton betting odds and trends for 2020 F1

Hamilton then went on to win 5 of the next 6 races to storm ahead of the market. The main trades start when he gets as low as 1.2 for the win. At this point, more money is in the market which larger sums traded at 1.1 to 1.12.

In total, at the time of writing, there has been £282,835 traded on the winners market of which £225,349 has been traded on Hamilton.

Valterri Bottas has some interest at the start of the season and has had £19,557 traded on him at the time of writing. He traded as low as 3.0 after winning the first race but has drifted since to now trade at 30s. He has hit a maximum of 60s with £30 traded at that part.

Here how Bottas trading pattern looked –

Bottas 2020 trends and matched prices

Constructors championship betting trends

It is no surprise that there has been less interest in this market! As soon as testing had started it was clear that Mercedes was still way out in front of the other teams in terms of speed and performance.

97% of the market has been matched on them and you now cannot back them to win as the odds have gone. Here is how the trends look –

Constructors championship betting odds and trends for 2020 F1 season

The highest traded price is 1.59 and this was before the season and testing started. Since then the odds have tumbled with every race. This market is over!