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Has a team ever won a Premier League game with no shots on target?

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We saw this question and started trawling through past games to see if this anomaly has ever happened. The fact is if a team scores an own goal then you could win 1-0 without ever even having a shot on goal (deflected cross, from a corner, etc.)

After doing some extensive research (shots data only goes back to 2006) we can only find one instance of a team winning without a shot on target – Sunderland.

In 2006 Sunderland beat West Brom 1-0 with a Steve Watson own goal. Antony Le Tallac unsurprisingly had a shot going off-target that Steve Watson deflected into his own goal. This was on 72 minutes and was a terrible match!

The Sunderland manager, Mick Mcarthy, had this to say after that match –

I think today we’ve earned a very good three points – we said in the dressing room the game was there to be won.

“We had to work hard and dig in but it’s a justified three points – we never stopped fighting.

“The players are remarkable. Some teams would have thrown the towel in, these players have kept me in a job.

This is obviously a laughable quote – a justified 3 points without a shot on target!

Other matches

Sunderland was the only team to ever win without a shot on goal but there has been one other interesting game and 4 score draws.

In 2015 West Brom beat Arsenal 2-1. Tony Pulis Baggies had 1 shot on target, their first goal, and won the game courteously of a Mikel Arteta own goal. (You can see the “highlights” here)


Can you win a football match without a shot on goal?

Yes, if the opposition scores an own goal from a cross or miss-placed pass.

Has a team ever won a Premier League match without a shot on target?

Yes, Sunderland beat West Brom in 2006 through an own goal. They did not have another shot on target.