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Teams with number 1-11

premier league 1-11 starting numbers

The football traditionalists love to see teams play with 1-11 but in the Premier League that is a rare occasion. With players able to select their numbers and use that as part of their brand players don’t automatically move to the lower-numbered shirts.

Some shirts still carry a prestige for some players and they occasionally fall out about them (Martial nearly left United because they gave Zlatan his number 9 shirt). Alexander Arnold still plays with number 66 rather than dropping down to number 2 as a right-back would have traditionally been.

Some teams don’t even have a 1-11 with shirt numbers left vacant for the season.

When was the last time a team started a Premier League match with numbers 1-11 on the pitch?

On the 21st of August 2021, Burnley started their match with numbers 1-11 all on the pitch. They lost 2-0.

Here is the starting 11 that day

  1. Pope
  2. Lowton
  3. Taylor
  4. Cork
  5. Tarkowski
  6. Mee
  7. Gudmundsson
  8. Brownhill
  9. Wood
  10. Barnes
  11. McNeil

In the 75th minute, Jay Rodrigues came on for Chris Wood to end the 1-11 on the pitch.

Has this happened before?

There have been occasions when this has happened before in the Premier League

  • 2015 West Brom – They wore 1-11 in traditional white shirts in 2015 to launch the Jeff Astle foundation as a mark of respect to their legend. This was only the second time the Premier League has approved a kit change.
  • 2008 Manchester United – To mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster United took on City in plain red kits to resemble the 1958 kit. The starting 11 wore 1-11 as the team would have in 1958.
  • Charlton Athletic 1998-1999 season – Newly promoted Charlton stuck to their 1-11 shirts after being promoted – this is not an option anymore.
  • QPR 1995-1996 – This was the last time a team that was already in the Premier League had numbers 1-11. QPR moved all their player’s numbers down that summer and played with the 1-11 on a number of occasions.