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Tyson Fury and the WWE

Tyson Fury WWE

Tyson Fury is set to participate in a WWE wrestling bout against Braun Strowman, bringing a lot of people to question how serious he is taking his boxing career and comeback.

One thing is for sure; Fury seems to be enjoying the whole experience. His acting so far has been pretty abysmal but you can tell that he is loving being involved and is giving it his all to stay professional and within the script. I’m no wrestling fan, but Fury does hold an encapsulating aura about him that people love to see.

I don’t see him lasting long as a wrestler and the whole role is surely just a publicity stunt in an attempt to get Americans excited about boxing again, as well as giving the WWE fans a whole new storyline to digest.

It also provides Fury with a big boost to his earnings with a speculated $12 Million dollars being negotiated for this debut match against ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman

Fury Strowman face to face

Frank Warren fears move could lead to setback

Boxing promoter Frank Warren has voiced his concern over the short-term transfer across to wrestling, rightfully pointing out that there is a risk of cuts and impact injuries that could set his boxing career back. Warren has stated

“I’d be a liar if I said I was pleased with it, I’d prefer him not to do it but he’s doing it.”

However, Warren was also savvy enough to identify the PR positives on the whole notion, which could quite possibly benefit both Fury and Warren in the long term if injuries are evaded.

Boxing in America

Although boxing seems to have grown from strength to strength in the UK, In the USA the pond has become quite stagnant. For example, The Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight in Vegas brought in around 350,000 Pay-per-view (PPV) purchases. That is an impressive number, but a number that is dwarfed when compared to the 1.5 Million PPV purchases made for the Joshua v Klitschko fight in 2017, held in London.

Those numbers don’t really stack up when you consider Tyson Fury to be one of the most entertaining characters outside of the ring and Wilder one of the most explosive punchers in the heavyweight division.

This appears to be one of the reasons why Tyson Fury has made the switch across to the entertainment industry that is… the WWE. There is a lot of similarity between the two, yet America wrestling has kept its strong following whilst boxing has been on a steady decline throughout the 21st century.

If Fury can tap into this market and transfer some of that enthusiasm and passion shown by the loyal WWE crowds, then that can surely only be a good thing for the recognition of both Tyson Fury himself and the sport of boxing.

If the most devastating knockout machine that is Deontay Wilder can’t turn heads, maybe a radically diverse approach is needed in order to actually do so!

Fury a life-long WWE fan

It also appears that Fury, much like many a man who grew up in the ’80s/’90s was a big fan of WWE during his youth. Big names like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Undertaker encapsulated a whole generation leaving many a young boy to dream of one day becoming a WWE star themselves.

Fury appears to be one of those dreamers who actually had the opportunity to make his dream come true – even for just a short while. I suppose the question is would you turn down the opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream? Well it seems Tyson Fury wasn’t and as far as I am concerned, good on him.

Tyson Fury v Braun Strowman

A bold move, but a positive one

I take my hat off to this risky venture that Tyson Fury has brought upon himself. The WWE is fraught with danger and despite the whole charade being scripted, these wrestlers are huge and it only takes one wrong landing for muscles to be torn or bones to be broken.

Fury also had to take into consideration the fact that he has only recently had 47 stitches removed from his eye after receiving two nasty cuts in his last boxing match against Otto Wallin.

Fury eye cut

Expectations of debut bout

I doubt the WWE will be providing Fury with too much of a complex choreography routine in his match – you never saw Andre The Giant performing a backward somersault off the top rope for example.

I’m sure he will be kept somewhat within his own comfort zone and if Fury can escape any serious injury, it will surely bump up the purse for his upcoming boxing fight in the States.

Tyson Fury wrestling

However, if he does get injured it could very well leave him in a dark hole, not being able to fight anyone until he recovers. If this does happen it will be tough to once again pick himself up to get back in with the big fighters again. Only time will tell which way the pendulum will swing and I very much am looking forward to the whole spectacle playing out.

When is Fury wrestling & how can I watch?

Tyson Fury will make his WWE debut on October 31st in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will feature as part of the Crown Jewel 2019 event, which will be live-streamed across the WWE Network. It will also be available on Sky Sports Box Office as a Pay-Per-View event.

Fury Crown Jewel info

Is this PR stunt bigger than Tyson Fury?

People are beginning to speculate that something bigger could be emerging from this. WWE are themselves under threat from losing viewers to a new competitor in the form of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Not only is the WWE losing viewers, but they are also losing employees as professional wrestlers slowly start to jump ship to work for the rival company. Bringing in cameo role superstars from other sports gives the WWE an edge over this up and coming wrestling network, therefore hopefully providing more appeal to those hard-core wrestling fans and followers to stick with the WWE network.

Wilder and the WWE

Speculation has started to arise around Deontay Wilder also jumping on the WWE bandwagon to further promote boxing and his potential rematch against Tyson Fury after their initial bout ended a draw in December 2018. I suppose this will depend on the success of the introduction of Fury at first and how well received he is by the WWE internal and external community.