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Which top 4 team has the easiest run in?

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The Premier League is drawing to a close and the battle for the top 4 places is closely fought. We’ve looked over the fixtures to see if we can find who has the easiest and hardest run-in. Most teams have 4 matches to play, Liverpool & Everton have 5. 

The average position of the potential top 4's opponents

Data taken from league position on 4th May 2021. Stat combines the average position of each opponent. Rankings go from hardest to easiest – 

  1. Chelsea 5.75
  2. Leicester 7.25
  3. Spurs 9
  4. Everton 9.6
  5. Liverpool 13
  6. West Ham 14

As they are 9 points clear of 4 with a game in hand, so we have not included Manchester United in the list. Betting is close on them making the top 4 with all bar 1 company whose odds are 1/1000. 

Latest top 4 odds

These are the best odds taken from multiple bookmakers and were correct at the time of writing (10.43 4th May 2021). Odds are subject to change at any time, check your preferred betting company for live odds. 

  • Leicester 2/7
  • Chelsea 4/11
  • Liverpool 9/4
  • West Ham 9/2
  • Spurs 9/1
  • Everton 250/1

Our top 4 predicitons

Here is how the team think the league will finish based on the games still to be played 

  1. Manchester City
  2. Manchester United
  3. Leicester City
  4. Liverpool
  5. West Ham
  6. Chelsea
  7. Spurs
  8. Everton

It is a tough one to call the top 4 in the league at this stage. Leicester run-in looks tricky but they are in good form. Liverpool has 4 games that even in their current from they should win. 

Team by Team Fixtures

Chelsea 5.75

Chelsea has the hardest-looking run in with an average position of 5.75. This is mixed in with a potential Champions League final if they beat Real Madrid this week. 


  • Manchester City A
  • Arsenal H
  • Leicester H
  • Aston Villa A

The Leicester game could be a huge one for everyone in the top 4 race. Depending on results Leicester could confirm their top4 finish with a win and Chelsea drop out of the top 4. 

Leicester 7.25

2nd in the list is Leicester who also have a FA Cup final against Chelsea to content with. 


  • Newcastle United H
  • Manchester United A
  • Chelsea A
  • Spurs H

Could Leicester collapse again? There is a chance looking at the fixtures. With the FA Cup final taking place between the Manchester United game and the Chelsea game there is a chance that they could slip up in the league.  

Liverpool 13

When you look at their run in you can see why we think they will scrape into the top 4. Excluding the re-arranged Manchester United match, they don’t play anyone in the top half of the league. 

Fixtures – 

  • Southampton H
  • West Brom A
  • Burnley A
  • Crystal Palace H
  • Manchester United A (Date TBA)

Excluding the rearranged game this is as good a run-in as you could hope for. We would expect that 4 wins from the 5 would get Liverpool to 4th place. 

West Ham 14

West Ham is well placed to get into 4th with some easy-looking games ahead of them. They have the easiest run-in of all the teams. 


  • Everton H
  • Brighton A
  • West Brom A
  • Southampton H

The Everton match on Sunday is the big one for West Ham. If they want to get in the top 4 then a win would set them on the right track. The other 3 matches all look winable but it will remain to be seen how they cope under the pressure if they are in one of the top 4 spots. 

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