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The Indian betting market has grown over the past few years to be a highly valuable market in world betting. The regulation in India is varied by state with some states completely blocking all online gambling sites and apps. Here we look over the market data that we have available on the Indian gambling market. 

Indian Betting Online Market Size & Growth

Indian gambling market predicted growth to 2025 chart

Key Market Insights

The Average Indian Gambler

The average Indian online gambler demographic Infographic

Popular Sports To Bet On

Popular India sports betting data

  • Cricket 80%
  • Football/ Soccer 10%
  • Horse Racing 5%
  • Other sports 5%

It is no surprise to see cricket betting as the most popular sport in India. The IPL is the pinacle of T20 francise cricket in the world and is wathed by millions of people in India. 

Indian Online Gambling Market Questions

The latest data we have analysed shows that the Indian gambling market was worth between $40 billion and $60 billion in 2021. 

The rise in the number of middle-class people in India with higher levels of disposable income is driving the growth in the Indian gambling market. The rise of smartphones and improved mobile data will see a rise in the use of betting apps in India, making online sports betting more accessible to millions of Indians. 

From the data we have analysed expects expect the Indian gaming market to be worth between $100 billion and $150 billion in 2025. The key driver in this will be the approach the Indian government takes to legislate gambling, if at all. Another factor would be if any other states make online gambling illegal.