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NBC Sports predictor app

NBC Sports predictor app

The NBC sports predictor app hosts a series of free games that offers users the chance to win some big cash prizes up to the value of $100,000. The app was launched in December 2018 and has seen various updates that continue to make it better. There’s $2 million in prizes reserved to be given away during the NFL season so it is certainly worth a look. Especially as the games are free to play!

The app is available throughout the USA to residents aged 18 or over and appeals to sports fans – especially those who follow NFL, golf, NASCAR or Premier League soccer.

NBC sports app - predictor

How to get the app

The App has been developed on both iOS and Android platforms and therefore can be downloaded and installed to an iPhone, iPad, Android handset or tablet.

The links to both the iOS and Android versions of the app can be found below.

NBC Sports predictor iOS app

NBC Sports predictor Android app

Alternatively, you can head to the applicable app marketplace (iTunes App Store or Google Play Store) and search for NBC sports predictor. The app should be at the top of the search results.

Games available

  1. Sunday Night 7 (NFL)
  2. Premier League Pick ’em (Soccer)
  3. NASCAR Pick ’em
  4. Golf Pick ’em

game selection on NBC app
Each game requires users to make selections across set elements of the event. This could be which team will win or who will score the longest touchdown when looking at the Sunday Night 7 game for example.

Change and track your picks

Once selections have been submitted they can be changed and modified if not too close to the event starting. Users can also track how their selections are performing in real time while the action is occurring. Watch out with this as I found myself tracking my picks every other minute when my selections are still in with a chance of ringing true.

Sunday night 7 info
There’s also the opportunity to create your own private leagues that you can then invite family and friends to. Users can then compete against each other in the competitions for bragging rights or even a privately arranged side wager.

Some fine features, crisp graphics, simple navigation, reliable performance and the chance to win large amounts of cash makes this app a winner in our eyes. Especially as it is completely free to get involved. If you are in the USA and are looking to make watching your favourites sports a little more fun, then this app is certainly worth a download in our opinion. Give it a try!