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New York Jets tie up 888 sponsorship

The Jets announce sponsorship with 888

In an NFL first the New York Jets have tied up a sponsorship deal with New Jersey licensed sports betting company 888sport. The tie-up will cover 888 brandings being shown around the Metlife stadium and will include 888 using the Jets branding in their marketing around the state of New Jersey. If your attending a game at the stadium you’ll be sure to spot them on the advertising boarding!

If you’re an 888 VIP customer you may get the chance for Coaches Club or Greenroom tickets to the Jets games. If you’re a Jets fan who likes betting then 888sports will be the New Jersey betting app for you!

What does this mean for the NFL?

Whilst this looks like just another sponsorship deal it will soon become the reality that every NFL team will have an official betting partner. As soon as the state is online for mobile gambling, then the companies will be after sponsorship. This will be the case with all US sports teams, not just the NFL, you’ll see partnerships across the NBA, MLS, NHL, and others. Depending on the state regulations you may even see sponsorship of college football teams.

What also makes this deal interesting is that it goes against the NFL league’s official betting partner. The NFL had been long opposed to legalizing gambling in the US but as soon as the decision was made to allow it they signed an agreement to make MGM resorts their official partner. Clearly, this deal does not stop teams from negotiating their own deals alongside this deal.

MGM become the official gaming partner of the NY Jets through the I called it app

The Jets had previously announced they will be working with MGM as their official “gaming partner” to provide in-app betting through the “I called it ” app (now called “I called it in association with MGM” app – Catchy!). It will be interesting to see how these deals pan out without conflicting with each other and while 88sports has called it a “sponsorship deal” it does look like a purely advertising deal.

They may yet find a way to get more gambling advertisers in over the next couple of seasons and this will surely see the team’s revenue soar. In 2017 the Jets were ranked as the 21st most valuable sports team in the world (Source – Forbes) and this will rise with the extra revenue gambling will bring in. All other US teams will see revenue rise where they can accept gambling sponsorship.

We cannot find any details currently of the terms of these deals or how much the betting companies paid for them but we’re sure it will be in the millions of dollars.

Where can you now bet on the Jets?

If you’re a New Jersey resident you can now bet on the Jets on your phone with a number of legal gambling firms. To be a legal firm they have to have a license to take bets in the state and have to follow strict rules on what they offer and the marketing they put out. If you are looking to place a bet on the Jets or other sports then check out our guide to mobile betting in New Jersey here.

The 888sport New Jersey betting with the NJ Jets


As part of the announcement, it was suggested that you may see slots games with the Jets branding. These are most likely going to be standard online slots with Jets logos or Jets players in the reels – We think these will be awesome!