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Pointsbet Gear Up For Online Kansas Launch

Pointsbet prepare for Kansas Online betting launch

Pointsbet have announced moments ago that they have successfully entered in to a “primary skin agreement” with State casino operator Kansas Crossing.

These types of arrangements are necessary for the large, specialist online bookmakers to enter the gambling marketplace legally. In order for an operator to acquire a license to offer an online sports book, they must have a land-based presence/license.

Once an agreement like this occurs, it allows the online bookmaker to piggy-back the land-based license from the land-based party. That party being Kansas Crossing in this instance. However, Pointsbet are still awaiting license approval as the gambling legislative framework for the state continues to slowly be set.

In the case of Kansas, a bill has been filed that would allow for up to two skins (online betting brands) per operator. However, The deal in place between Pointsbet and Kansas crossing has been announced as an exclusive one.

pointsbet coming soon to Kansas

How The Deal Will Work

The two companies have pledged to combine together to build a brand new, multifunctional sports entertainment venue within Kansas state lines. Great news for sports fans who like to venture out for the big game and maybe have a side wager. This is likely to be an extension of Kansas Crossing’s existing retail site – The Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel in Pittsburg.

Kansas Crossing casino

Venues like these tend to offer great viewing experiences, offering multiple screens. Huge displays the size of the wall are used to clearly show odds being offered across a range of bets such as money line, point spread and props.

Both parties pulling together here should work out beneficial for all involved. Pointsbet get to offer an online sportsbook, which has proven to be very popular across other states, such as New Jersey.

Kansas Crossing can now associate their name with a top quality online betting service and at the same time take a cut in the profits – without having to splash out on extortionate development and licensing costs.

The Kansas, end state user should also benefit by having a well-established land based casino to enjoy, as well as a reliable, safe and highly diverse mobile wagering platform.

Pointsbet’s CEO for the USA, Johnny Aitken has gone on record to say

PointsBet is proud to partner with Kansas Crossing and gain the opportunity to provide the state with a top-notch retail and online sportsbook, The team behind Kansas Crossing represents one of the best in U.S. gaming, and we look forward to many years of great success working together and introducing new clients to a truly innovative, customer-first experience from start-to-finish.

Publicly commenting on behalf of Kansas Crossing was Vice President and General manager, Doug Fisher;

PointsBet is proud to partner with Kansas Crossing and gain the opportunity to provide the state with a top-notch retail and online sportsbook, We are certainly aligned in our efforts to provide the great citizens of the Sunflower State with the premium product they deserve, and we look forward to doing so with the PointsBet team.

Kansas crossing make deal with Pointsbet

When will the service launch?

The outlook seems quite promising on the horizon. The big question is just exactly how far away is it? The fact that states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania are both now seemingly reaping the tax rewards of opening up gambling, it is surely just a matter of time before states such as Kansas decide they want a piece of the cake.

Agreements like the one that has been announced today go a long way to demonstrate faith by the major players that headway is being made and that doors are opening rather than closing.

The agreement between Pointsbet and Kansas Crossing is said to be in place until 2032. More deals are expected in the near future with there being only a small number of land-based gambling establishments within the state. Tribal casinos could very well also see themselves partnering up with online betting giants.

We anticipate the pace to pick up from here and will keep you updated as and when any major announcements are made.